Taking a Trip back to highschool with ‘Life is Strange’ by Square Enix


Square Enix recently released a new game and it does not take place in the World of Final Fantasy. In Fact they’ve taken a page from TellTale and decided to go a completely different route.  Life is Strange is a Episodic game where you play Maxine ‘Max’ Caulfield a girl with the ability to rewind time.

Max an ordinary everyday highschool student witnesses a horrible event in which she suddenly finds herself with the ability to turn back time, however consequences arises from the actions she takes and her life starts to get a bit strange. The game plot is interesting and that alone is what made me take a look at the game in the first place.

The one thing about Life is Strange is that every action has consequences and those consequences do come back to bite you in the ass one way or another, as I’ve learned. The graphics is amazing, although when I first purchased the game I had a bit of an issue with Echoing audio and skipping but that seems to be rectified. The Soundtrack is also such a beautiful thing to listen to, with in the first 10 mins of playing I already knew I would love the soundtrack and the music does sort of help with the atmosphere of the game.

Although the camera angles do seem to get in the way to the point where I got a bit frustrated I can’t seem to find too much fault in the game. I also found myself second guessing my action in the games as I knew they would have consequences to them and I sort of thought about my long used morals that I don’t usually use when playing games.

I’ll definitely be playing episode two of Life Is Strange when it is released in March for now I am keeping busy with the first episode and trying to see where each action I make takes me. If you want to check out the game play and graphics take a look at my video below. There is one thing I’ve learned from playing this game, I am so glad high school is over.


2 thoughts on “Taking a Trip back to highschool with ‘Life is Strange’ by Square Enix

  1. I absolutely agree with you. I am definitely looking forward to episode two! Not only did the story catch me off guard but the music. I am absolutely in love with the music in the game 🙂


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