I’m totally gonna be in the Anime. Dragonball Xenoverse Review.


I’m a big fan of fighting games, from Mortal Kombat to Soul Calibur to Tekken, I appreciate some mind numbing combat, however I just can’t seem to get into the new Dragon Ball Xenoverse game. Being a fan of the Original Dragon Ball and Dragonball Z I thought that this games was pretty much going to capture my undivided attention, but boy was I wrong.

Now, I’m absolutely not saying that I hated the game though with Online not working so much with multiplayer ( although that can just be one of the opening week overloads)and even single player booting you  out, the game is not that bad. Being able to create your own character and inserting them alongside your fave DB characters is fun, plus with tons of skills and armors you can unlock it’s something that can keep you entertained.

This game is just not my cup of tea. First I was a bit disappointed with the lack of freedom in character creation, secondly was the time it takes to even unlock multiple to be able to even play with your friends. I played the game on PC using PS4 controller, the controls were a bit choppy for me and it seemed as if there was a delay in my attacks when I pressed the button, or sometimes I didn’t attack at all. Thirdly, the game is a bit pricey coming in at $59.99 for console and $49.99 for PC.

There are things I did like, like the fact that your armor has a paper doll effect (meaning if you switched to a different armor it would reflect that on your character) I really loved the graphics of the game and the bright backgrounds of each level. The story line is actually quite interesting as well, and have parallel story-lines that differ quite a bit from the anime.

If you’re a big fan of Dragon Ball and it’s characters and you love fighting games definitely check it out, It may be worth the money to you. I’ll give it another go but I’m not sure if this is a game that’s for me.



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