Is Playstation Now worth it?


So recently I used Playstation Now Game Streaming 7 day trail. I was curious how well the games would stream, and what kind of games were available. To my surprise there were tons of games and well known games as well like, Resident Evil, Street Fighter and Batman Arkham  games. To be honest I was expecting unknown junk indie games that no one wanted to play and while there are those, there was a lot more to Playstation Now than I had thought.

I know recently Playstation added tons of games from Popular Franchises. Leaving the user with over 250+ games to choose from, however if your a picky gamer (like I am) than you may need more of a selection.

Right now one month subscription is about $20, of course if you purchase multiple months you do get a discounted rate. Now $20 to me is a bit pricey, but I’m broke as a joke right now, but considering each game can be about $60 (not counting used or old games) this can help your wallet some. I also noticed they have a wide selection of Games from Ps 1 – ps 4.

Pros of PS Now

-Over 250 games to choose from
-Popular Titles Available
– The ability to store saves in cloud and play your games on other ps 4 consoles
-PS 1, PS 2 and PS 3 games available.

Cons of PS Now

-If Network is down you can’t play
-A bit on the pricey side (personal opinion)
– Can experience lag or skips if you have a bad internet connection
-Unexpected error occur that can really mess you up if you don’t save often.
-No Search option

Although having the PS Now was great (as long as the network was up) I can see myself subscribing, I just can’t see myself staying long term, unless they play to continuously add more games throughout the year to keep gamers happy.

Also I would recommend making whoever subscribes for PS now a PS plus member so you don’t keep sucking out my money.




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