Gotta Catch em all September Fandom of the month

This Month’s Fandom of the month was pretty cool, and if you have not guessed from the title the theme is pokemon. If you were like me then you may have had your face glued to a gameboy screen and battled it out to be the very best. I always picked Charmander, he’s my main.

2016-09-29-14-45-06 2016-09-29-14-45-50 2016-09-29-14-46-18 2016-09-29-14-46-39 2016-09-29-14-47-15 2016-09-29-14-47-37 2016-09-29-14-48-04

I alwasy enjoy the magnets so much, I also really like the pokeball compact. The earrings, however, they freak me out so much! The pikachu’s are just weird looking. The hair clips are so cute and I can’t wait to sport them around. I know I’m almost 30 but serious who cares, I know I don’t.

Sadly however this will be my last Fandom of the month box, I want to try new subscriptions but on a budget I can’t just keep getting boxes.

Did you ever want to catch em all as a kid?


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